Five handoffs in one play lead to wild touchdown in California

Mitch Stephens | Friday, November 15, 2019 10:40am

Leigh High School's junior varsity teams gets almost everyone involved in crazy touchdown.

Video: Five handoffs lead to touchdown
Watch Leigh's perfectly designed play.

We've heard of double-reverse passes, even triple reverse. But this may be the first quintet reverse pass for touchdown in high school football history.

Leigh High's junior varsity team pulled off the perfectly designed play and went from quarterback to running back (first handoff) to right flanker (second) to left flanker (third) to right wideout (fourth) to left wideout (fifth), who fired a perfect strike back to the quarterback.

The play covered about 25 yards and took about 10 seconds to complete. Needless to say, Leigh's opponent were left a little dumbfounded. If not dizzy.