Football Game Preview: Jackson vs. Seckman

Staff Report | Wednesday, November 6, 2019 11:29am

Preview: Jackson vs. Seckman

Jackson and Seckman have had some time off and are no doubt ready to hit the field. Jackson has the luxury of staying at home another week and will welcome Seckman at 6 p.m. ET on Friday. The Fighting indians are cruising in on a nine-game winning streak while Seckman is stumbling in off of three consecutive losses.

A well-balanced attack led Jackson over Parkway Central every single quarter on their way to victory. Jackson steamrolled Parkway Central 52-6. Cael Welker went supernova for the Fighting indians as he passed for 290 yards and six TDs. Welker has now scored at least one touchdown in the past nine games. Not surprisingly, Welker's sharp performance set his single-game passing touchdown high for the season.

Meanwhile, there's no need to mince words: the Jaguars lost to Eureka two weeks ago, and they lost bad. The score wound up at 42-2.

Jackson's win lifted them to 9-0 while Seckman's loss dropped them down to 2-7. We'll see if Jackson's success rolls on or if the Jaguars are able to steal their positive momentum.

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