At-home workout with Katerina Kountouris No. 5: Chair only training

Michelle Gaudy | Tuesday, March 31, 2020 3:30pm

Certified trainer uses a chair to give the high school sports community another 20-minute training session.

Video: At home chair workout
Watch Katerina Kountouris lead 20-minute high intensity workout.

With gyms and schools still closed, Katerina Kountouris brings another new innovative at-home workout to MaxPreps and the high school sports community.

Kountouris, a certified instructor and professional sports host, uses nothing but a chair to give high school athletes, coaches and even parents a 20-minute workout to help stay in shape as the the country deals with COVID-19.

Check back regularly at MaxPreps as Kourtouris continues to help the high school sports community in its quest to stay fit and strong-minded during challenging times.

Workout No. 5
Using nothing but a chair

Round 1 — 40-second work/ 20-second rest
Round 2 — 30-second work/15-second rest
Round 3 — 20-second work/10-second rest
Round 4 — 20 second work/10-second rest

Exercises: Complete 4 rounds
1. Bulgarian split squat (right)
2. Bench dips
3. Bulgarian split squat (left)
4. Chair push-ups
5. Single leg hip thrust (right)
6. Chair windshield wipers
7. Single leg hip thrust (left)
8. Chair hops

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