Football Game Preview: Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale vs. Maynard

Staff Report | Thursday, November 1, 2018 11:16am

Preview: Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale vs. Maynard

If the MaxPreps state rankings hold true, the near future looks bright for Maynard. Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale and Maynard go head to head on Friday at 7:00 PM in their first playoff contest of the year. Maynard are coming into the contest hot, having won eight in a row.

Last Friday, Maynard put the finishing touches on their 7th blowout victory of the season. They steamrollered Clinton 46-6. No one put up better numbers for Maynard than senior Tommy Smith, who brought his A game into the match. He threw 5 TDs and picked up 100 yards on the ground on 10 carries. Senior Tommy Smith has made a name for himself in their last eight games, proving himself to be a reliable offensive weapon.

Meanwhile, their game two weeks ago wasn't at all kind to Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale, but their most recent match may have softened the blow. They took their game against North by a conclusive 34-0 score. That looming 34-point mark stands out as the most commanding margin for Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale yet.

Their wins bumped Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale to 4-4 and Maynard to 8-0. With both Maynard and Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale swaggering in after impressive performances, it will be interesting to see which team steps up to teach the other some humility.

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