Five at home fence workouts using resistance bands

Steve Montoya | Saturday, April 4, 2020 12:45pm

Access to a fence and an arm band is all that's needed to execute these five workouts.

Video: More arm band workouts
Watch how a fence can be utilized to staying in shape.

Last week we released 10 at home workouts using resistance bands in response to coronavirus social distancing.

A few of those workouts utilized a fence. Today's video is completely devoted to more exercises featuring a resistance arm band connected to any fence.

The ones used in this video are adult-sized Jaeger Sports J-Bands.

I am not a certified physical trainer or endorsing a brand. I am a high school softball coach, a dad and a guy who really misses the gym. So I will be coming up with new exercises each week for those of us without a lot of regular gym equipment.

Five fence workouts using a resistance band

1. Squats
Pull away from the fence and squat as low as you can go.

2. Abs/back/hamstrings
Put the band hook up high. Pull away from the fence. Have straight legs and bend down facing away from the fence.

3. Triceps
Pull away from the fence. Face the fence, squat slightly and push your triceps away from the fence.

4. Legs
Strap the band to your ankle. Face the fence and push a leg back one at a time.

5. Chest Fly
If you have access to two bands, grab one grip from each band and bring your arms together. You want your arms straight away from your body to begin.