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David Dewing

55 Galleries | California

I specialize in sports and real estate photography. I enjoy living in Thousand Oaks and working in my community. I shoot a wide variety of subjects. I enjoy capturing a great moment that tells a story. It is very satisfying to catch that split- second moment and share that experience. Photography has always been an interest of mine even before, when I was not doing it professionally. Now that I am I never have a Monday or feel like I have to go to work. I really enjoy grabbing my camera and going to a photo shoot. I have been fortunate to works with some great real estate agents and that has led to photographing many beautiful homes. I have photographed some great swimming pools that would make anyone want to jump in the water!
Sports have opened up an entirely different door and it is so exciting. I am really happy to be shooting games and adjusting to the demands given by shooting sports. I have photographed High school games and even the Las Vegas Bowl between Fresno State and Arizona State. MaxPreps Sports is an exciting opportunity and I have enjoyed working with them starting in 2018. They have helped me become a better sports photographer.
I am very excited for what comes next in 2019. David Dewing