Amador Valley
Amador Valley DonsVarsity Football
Pleasanton, CA

Amador Valley Football Roster

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Sr.QB5'11"180 lbs
-FB5'11"185 lbs
-WR, OLB--
Sr.DT, G--
Sr.WR6'2"155 lbs
-WR5'11"160 lbs
Sr.QB6'3"190 lbs
Sr.WR, CB--
-WR, CB5'11"155 lbs
-WR6'0"175 lbs
Sr.RB, OLB--
Sr.T, DE--
Sr.TE, MLB6'0"150 lbs
-WR5'8"160 lbs
-5'9"155 lbs
-WR5'10"160 lbs
Jr.RB, WR, OLB--
-WR5'10"170 lbs
Jr.QB, MLB--
-WR5'8"160 lbs
Sr.MLB, RB--
Jr.WR, CB5'9"140 lbs
Sr.FS, RB, CB--
-OLB5'11"185 lbs
Sr.RB, MLB--
-DE6'1"175 lbs
Jr.WR, CB--
-WR6'0"170 lbs
-5'8"170 lbs
-OLB6'0"170 lbs
Sr.WR, CB6'2"160 lbs
-6'1"210 lbs
Sr.T, DT, G--
-WR6'0"170 lbs
-TE, DE, OLB6'3"180 lbs
Sr.WR, CB--
-DE, OLB6'2"180 lbs
-DE5'8"175 lbs
-5'11"210 lbs
-5'9"170 lbs
Sr.T, DT--
-6'0"285 lbs
-K, P6'2"210 lbs
-WR, CB--
-FB5'10"180 lbs
-WR5'10"160 lbs
-WR5'7"150 lbs
-5'10"210 lbs
Sr.FS, WR--
-WR, OLB5'10"170 lbs
-5'8"240 lbs
2-5'6"165 lbs
3-QB6'2"190 lbs
4Jr.FS, WR6'1"175 lbs
6Jr.QB5'10"165 lbs
6Jr.WR, RB, CB--
8So.FB6'0"195 lbs
10-OLB, SS6'3"200 lbs
11-WR, SS5'8"160 lbs
12Jr.QB, WR, CB6'1"160 lbs
16Jr.FB, OLB, TE5'11"190 lbs
17Jr.TE, DE6'3"200 lbs
18Jr.TE, DE--
20Sr.WR, CB, RB--
21Sr.WR, CB, OLB6'0"170 lbs
25Sr.WR, CB--
26Jr.RB, MLB6'0"200 lbs
33Sr.WR, CB6'3"180 lbs
40-FB, DE6'0"180 lbs
50-DE, T6'0"210 lbs
54Sr.FB, G, NG--
55Jr.DT, FB5'10"205 lbs
56Sr.DE, T5'6"175 lbs
59Sr.MLB, C5'8"180 lbs
60Sr.6'3"195 lbs
65-6'0"200 lbs
70-C, G, DT6'0"285 lbs
72-DT, G, T6'4"290 lbs
75-T, C, DT6'3"275 lbs
76-5'11"240 lbs
77Sr.G, T, DT6'2"280 lbs
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Amador Valley High School Amador Valley High School
1155 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94566
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