West Park
West Park PanthersVarsity Football
Roseville, CA




0-0 (1st)

West Park Football Roster

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0Jr.QB6'2"185 lbs
1Jr.WR, DB6'1"165 lbs
2Sr.WR, DB6'1"180 lbs
3Sr.RB, LB6'1"180 lbs
4Sr.RB, LB5'11"185 lbs
5Sr.RB, DB5'9"165 lbs
6Sr.TE, DE6'2"175 lbs
7Jr.HB, LB6'0185 lbs
8Jr.RB, LB5'9"165 lbs
9Sr.WR, DB5'10"165 lbs
10Jr.QB6'2"165 lbs
11Sr.WR, DB6'0175 lbs
12Jr.WR, DB6'0155 lbs
13Sr.WR, DB5'7"145 lbs
14Jr.WR, DB6'0185 lbs
15Jr.WR, DB5'11"150 lbs
16Jr.WR, DB5'10"150 lbs
17Sr.WR, DB, K5'8"150 lbs
18Jr.RB, LB5'9"175 lbs
19So.HB, LB6'2"200 lbs
20Sr.RB, DB--
21Jr.HB, LB6'3"185 lbs
22So.RB, LB5'11"175 lbs
23Jr.WR, DB5'9"155 lbs
24Sr.RB, DB5'6"155 lbs
25Jr.TE, LB6'2"185 lbs
26Sr.LB5'10"155 lbs
28Jr.WR, LB6'0160 lbs
29Jr.RB, LB5'10"185 lbs
30So.RB, LB6'0185 lbs
36Jr.LB5'6"150 lbs
44Sr.TE, LB5'10"205 lbs
45Jr.TE, DE6'1"185 lbs
50Jr.OL, DL5'7"175 lbs
52Jr.OL, DL6'4"230 lbs
53Jr.OL, DL5'11"235 lbs
54Sr.OL, DL6'0210 lbs
56Jr.OL, DE5'10"180 lbs
57Jr.OL, DL5'8"215 lbs
60Jr.OL, DL5'6"185 lbs
62Sr.OL, DL5'8"205 lbs
65Jr.OL, DL5'8"230 lbs
66Sr.OL, DL5'8"215 lbs
72Jr.OL, DL6'3"260 lbs
77Sr.OL, DL6'5"315 lbs
80Jr.WR, DB5'7"140 lbs
96So.TE, DE6'2"185 lbs
99Sr.FB, DL5'11"185 lbs
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West Park High School West Park High School
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Roseville, CA 95747
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