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Saugus Football Roster

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Sr.TE, MLB6'2"205 lbs
Jr.G, DT5'8"191 lbs
Sr.G, DT6'0"190 lbs
So.RB, CB5'5"-
Sr.G, DT5'10"315 lbs
Sr.WR, SS5'8"135 lbs
Jr.RB, OLB5'9"160 lbs
Jr.T5'11"175 lbs
Jr.WR, CB--
Sr.DT, NG--
Jr.RB, MLB5'10"185 lbs
2Jr.WR, SS6'0"165 lbs
5Sr.WR5'7"120 lbs
5Jr.WR, CB--
6Jr.FS, OLB5'11"160 lbs
6Jr.WR, SS5'9"155 lbs
6So.MLB5'8"168 lbs
8Sr.WR, SS6'0"180 lbs
9Jr.QB, FS6'3"180 lbs
10Sr.TE, DE6'1"192 lbs
10So.WR6'1"160 lbs
11Sr.SS6'1"160 lbs
14Jr.OLB5'10"175 lbs
16Sr.SB, QB5'10"153 lbs
20Jr.WR, FS5'10"140 lbs
23Jr.RB, FS5'7"157 lbs
24Sr.WR, SS5'10"150 lbs
27So.WR, CB5'8"162 lbs
40Jr.RB, MLB6'1"190 lbs
40Jr.MLB5'8"150 lbs
41Sr.RB, MLB6'0"200 lbs
52Jr.G, C5'11"230 lbs
55Jr.G5'10"224 lbs
57Sr.C, DT5'10"186 lbs
60Sr.G5'5"220 lbs
63So.C5'9"220 lbs
68Jr.DE, OLB, G5'10"206 lbs
73Jr.G, DT5'10"212 lbs
75Jr.DT, T, G6'0"176 lbs
77Sr.T, NG6'3"250 lbs
88Jr.G, DT5'7"233 lbs
99Jr.T, DT6'0"225 lbs
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Saugus, CA 91350
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