Florida High School Baseball

Florida High School Baseball

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FL Baseball News

Five at home fence workouts using resistance bands - Steve MontoyaAccess to a fence and an arm band is all that's needed to execute these five workouts.
Apr 4, 2020 @ 12:45pm
Hopes for high school spring sports diminishing in many states - Staff ReportIndiana becomes latest state to cancel spring season while Nevada provides glimmer of hope.
Apr 2, 2020 @ 3:30pm
Mar 28, 2020 @ 2:00pm
Florida leaving spring sports cancellations up to local schools, districts for now - Aaron WilliamsWith winter sports concluded, Florida association allowing individual assessment on playing spring games.
Mar 12, 2020 @ 2:30pm

FL Baseball Districts

1A District 11A District 21A District 31A District 41A District 51A District 61A District 71A District 82A District 12A District 102A District 112A District 122A District 132A District 142A District 152A District 162A District 22A District 32A District 42A District 52A District 62A District 72A District 82A District 93A District 13A District 103A District 113A District 123A District 133A District 143A District 153A District 163A District 23A District 33A District 43A District 53A District 63A District 73A District 83A District 94A District 14A District 104A District 114A District 124A District 134A District 144A District 154A District 164A District 24A District 34A District 44A District 54A District 64A District 74A District 84A District 95A District 15A District 105A District 115A District 125A District 135A District 145A District 155A District 165A District 25A District 35A District 45A District 55A District 65A District 75A District 85A District 96A District 16A District 106A District 116A District 126A District 136A District 146A District 156A District 166A District 26A District 36A District 46A District 56A District 66A District 76A District 86A District 97A District 17A District 107A District 117A District 127A District 137A District 147A District 157A District 167A District 27A District 37A District 47A District 57A District 67A District 77A District 87A District 98A District 18A District 108A District 118A District 128A District 138A District 148A District 158A District 168A District 28A District 38A District 48A District 58A District 68A District 78A District 88A District 99A District 19A District 109A District 119A District 129A District 139A District 149A District 159A District 169A District 29A District 39A District 49A District 59A District 69A District 79A District 89A District 9Florida Christian ConferenceFreelanceIndependentSoutheastern Christian
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FL Baseball Rankings

Full Rankings
1IMG Academy 19-2-016.9
2Jesuit 16-1-012.7
3Stoneman Douglas 19-1-09.6
4Lakeland Christian 16-1-07.8
5Calvary Christian Academy 15-2-09.9
6IMG Academy Black 17-5-014.1
7Fleming Island 15-2-09.5
8Bolles 17-3-09.2
9Venice 12-6-015.9
10Mosley 16-4-09.9