North Shore
North Shore MustangsVarsity Football
Houston, TX




7-0 (1st)

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North Shore Football (2023) Roster

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Jr.DT6'3"285 lbs
2Sr.WR5'8"160 lbs
3Jr.WR5'11"185 lbs
4Sr.WR, CB5'8"160 lbs
6Jr.CB6'3"185 lbs
8Jr.WR, QB6'3"190 lbs
9Jr.GB, ATH6'2"220 lbs
10Sr.OLB5'9"190 lbs
11So.WR, QB5'10"170 lbs
12Fr.WR6'0"185 lbs
14So.QB6'0"175 lbs
15Sr.QB5'9"165 lbs
16Sr.WR, TE6'0"170 lbs
17Sr.FS6'0"175 lbs
18Jr.OLB6'2"200 lbs
19Fr.DB6'0"180 lbs
20Jr.OLB6'0"210 lbs
21Jr.FS6'0"170 lbs
22Sr.WR, CB6'2"170 lbs
23So.CB6'0"180 lbs
24So.FS, SS5'11"168 lbs
26Jr.RB5'6"160 lbs
27Jr.WR5'10"170 lbs
28Jr.RB5'8"180 lbs
29So.DB5'10"170 lbs
33So.DB6'3"180 lbs
35So.LB5'9"190 lbs
36Jr.RB5'7"185 lbs
38Sr.DB5'11"170 lbs
40Jr.RB5'9"175 lbs
42Jr.RB5'11"205 lbs
44Jr.LB5'10"210 lbs
46Jr.LB5'11"190 lbs
47Jr.DE6'3"240 lbs
47Jr.DL5'10"195 lbs
48Sr.TE5'11"180 lbs
55Jr.DT6'0"220 lbs
56Jr.OL5'10"240 lbs
58Jr.DT6'1"250 lbs
62Jr.T6'6"260 lbs
63Jr.C5'8"250 lbs
67So.T6'0"265 lbs
68Fr.OL6'4"280 lbs
71Jr.T6'2"250 lbs
72Jr.T6'2"260 lbs
74So.T6'3"260 lbs
75Jr.DL6'0"255 lbs
76So.OL6'0"290 lbs
77Jr.T6'3"320 lbs
81Sr.WR5'9"140 lbs
82So.WR5'8"155 lbs
85Jr.WR5'10"185 lbs
86Jr.K, P5'8"185 lbs
87Sr.WR5'10"165 lbs
88So.6'3"195 lbs
89Sr.TE6'4"248 lbs
91Jr.DL6'2"235 lbs
93Jr.DE6'1"210 lbs
94So.DL6'4"220 lbs
97So.DT6'2"285 lbs
99Sr.TE6'0"220 lbs
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North Shore High School North Shore High School
353 N. Castlegory Road
Houston, TX 77049
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