Twenty-three at-home workouts to do during quarantine with Katerina Kountouris

Michelle Gaudy | Tuesday, May 12, 2020 3:00pm

The certified trainer helps the high school sports community fit and upbeat during COVID-19.

Video: Katerina Kountouris at-home workouts
Watch the personal trainer introduce her first twenty-three videos to the MaxPreps audience.

With gyms and schools remaining closed, Katerina Kountouris continues to offer new innovative at-home workouts to MaxPreps and the high school sports community.

Kountouris, a certified instructor, nutritionist and professional sports host, provides an overview of the type of workouts she plans to employ while we are sheltered during COVID-19.

Check back regularly at MaxPreps as Kourtouris continues to help the high school sports community in its quest to stay fit and strong-minded during these challenging times.

Workouts at home with Katerina Kountouris

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